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All ancient societies across the world had their version of a doula. Women, usually those who had already had children, would accompany others in labour and postnatally. Supporting during the birth, nourishing the new parents to enable them to care for their newborn, allowing them to rest and recover postnatally; the village was involved as babies were born and families grew. The doula seeks to replace that in our busy modern lives. Whatever form your family takes and however much support you have already, we can help you start your new journey in the most positive way.

Feeding Support

One of the main concerns for most parents is getting feeding right from the very start. Right looks different for every family, so we will help you and your new baby find your rhythm and settle in to a relationship that works for you both, now and in the future.

Sleep Coaching

We offer holistic sleep coaching for families and their babies  that prepares parents for the realities of newborn sleep and how to navigate its challenges. We equip parents with a responsive and respectful approach that helps their infants form a secure lasting attachment.

Family-Centred Care

The family unit - not just the baby - is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you are parenting alone or with a partner, welcoming your first child or adding to your family, we can help you get the support you need as you begin your new chapter together.

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