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Hello, my name is Louise and I am thrilled to be a doula. I have a passion for this role that stems from my transition out of the corporate world, where I spent 20 years. I haven't looked back since making this move, and I truly love what I do.

As a mother myself, I have had three very unique childbirth experiences, ranging from a challenging unplanned C-section at 29 weeks to a peaceful and natural birth. These experiences taught me the importance of being well-informed and supported during this incredible time.

My main objective as your doula is to ensure that you feel empowered, informed, confident, and relaxed throughout your birthing journey. I received my doula training from the BirthBliss Academy and continued to build upon my expertise at the Katherine Graves Home of Hypnobirthing, where I also trained as a hypnobirthing instructor. I have also completed courses in biomechanics, aromatherapy, and massage techniques for childbirth, and now mentor newly trained doulas during their qualification process.

Please take a moment to visit my website to learn more about me. People often describe me as a calming, intuitive, nurturing, thoughtful, and kind individual with excellent organizational skills developed through my corporate experience.

I am the proud mother of three wonderful sons, Cameron ('90), Charlie ('03), and Freddy ('05). Thank you for considering me as your doula, and I look forward to being a part of your birthing journey.

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Louise: Service
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