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  • What qualities does a Doula Hub doula have?
    We are all at a similar point in our doula journey and have experienced birth in all its many different forms. We have all previously worked for major companies in different industries , which means we have great organisational skills, are exceptional communicators, and are adept at managing the expectations of many different teams and departments - which translates to getting on really well with your healthcare providers and ensuring you have all the information you need from them. We are all mothers and have experienced birth mulitple times ourselves. Being kind, caring, calming, and nuturing comes with the territory - as does finding the fun in every moment.
  • What qualifications will my doula have?
    All Doula Hub doulas have undertaken training with one of Doula UK's acredited instructors. This means that your doula has graduated from one of the best training courses in the UK. As a team, we also have training in hypnobirthing, aromatherapy, 3-step rewind treatment, biomachanics during childbirth and breastfeeding so can recommend someone in the team to help with any issues you are having.
  • How much do you charge?
    There is no additional charge for working with a Doula Hub doula. Your rate for the service you choose will be agreed between you and your primary doula, and the cost of having a back-up and third Doula will be covered by your primary doula within your contracted rate.
  • Whats's included in a birth package
    Below is an outline of the basic birth package that we offer. More support can be added to this – extra visits antenatally, or support postnatally. It includes a blend of text/call/in-person support adapted according to regulations and what you are comfortable with: 1. an initial zoom call to get to know each other better – usually an hour or so just chatting about anything and everything. 2. text/phone support from as soon as you sign the contract (before and after appointments to make sure you have all the questions/follow-up info you need, but also ad hoc when you have a question or concern you need support with). 3. 2/3 x 3 hour antenatal sessions usually between 30 and 35 weeks to help you prepare for birth and iron out any concerns you have – Zoom or in person as you prefer. 4. an electronic flip book of the antenatal preparation sessions. Containing all the information we discussed during your sessions, including links to video’s and evidence based information for you to review again in your own time. 5. access to the ‘client only’ area of our website containing many videos to help you through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. 6. help in creating your birth preferences doc (or docs if you want to have a plan B/C too). 7. on-call support (24hr) from 10 days before your baby is due until baby arrives. 8. in person support throughout the birth (including comfort measures and help in advocating for the birth you want). 9. Support through the golden hours and help with feeding and getting you set up and comfortable. 10. Postnatal visit to check in with your recovery, feeding, bonding etc and see what extra help you might need (usually day 3).
  • What happens if my primary doula has an emergency?
    Your primary doula is totally commited to supporting you at the birth of your baby. If however, for reasons beyond her control, she can't get to you, she will call your back-up doula. Your named back-up doula has commited to being no more than 90 minutes away from your chosen place of birth during the period that she is supporting your primary doula and will look after you in exactly the same way as your primary doula would.
  • Why would I need a third doula?
    Your third doula is on call for any days during the on-call period that your back-up doula may be unavailable. The third doula is an added safety net to ensure that whatever might happen you will always be supported during your birth by a Doula Hub doula.
  • Will my doula be fully insured?
    All members of The Doula Hub have very comprehensive products and public liability insurance. We are not able to accept any liability for free birthing even if it is unplanned.
  • What about my personal data, is it protected?"
    All client information is kept in a secure electronic folder and is only shared with members of The Doula Hub. All members have undergone GDPR Data Protection Training.
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