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How we work

How we support each other to support you

We will ensure that your primary (chosen) doula has not one back-up doula but two.


Primary Doula

This is the doula who you are contracted with and who will support you throughout your pregnancy - and who will be on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born. She will support you with two antenatal sessions to prepare you for the birth, attend your baby's birth, and follow up with a postnatal session. 

Back-up Doula

Your back-up doula is on call for your primary doula in case for any reason she is unavailable. This may be because your primary doula has a pre-existing client who is due around the same time as you. This means that in the rare case that the other client goes into labour on the same day as you, you will be supported by another doula who your primary doula knows and trusts. You can also meet your back-up doula ahead of the birth to ensure you feel familiar and comfortable with her just in case.                                                                 

Third Doula

Although most doulas work with only one back up, the Doula Hub allows us to also each have a third doula as an additional safety net. In the very unlikely event that both your primary and back-up doulas should be unavailable we will ensure that whatever happens you will be completely supported by one of our experienced and caring team at the birth of your baby.

"Our commitment is to ensure that at this very special time you can relax in the knowledge that you will be fully supported by a doula who knows what you need, understands your birth plan and is truly committed to helping you have the birth that is right for you"